In January 2014, ECREA (European Communication and Research Association) approved the first Temporary Working Group – TWG on ”Communication and the European Public Sphere”. TWG Communication and the European Public Sphere aims to identify and promote new research areas in what concerns the European public sphere and the future of European integration. The Chairwoman of the TWG is prof. dr. Alina Bargaoanu, whereas the chairmen are prof. dr. Jozef Niznik (Polish Academy of Science) and prof. dr. Holger Sievert (Macromedia University – Germania). The official launch of this TWG is planned to take place at the 5th European Communication Conference (November 12-15, 2014, Lisbon)

The TWG aims to shed light on the impact of the European public sphere on the future of European integration. The constructive discussions and the collaborative work stimulated by this TWG will open up new directions in research in the field and will explore new theoretical frameworks that explain how current communication practices, including media visibility and framing, public discourse, citizens’ perceptions and participation, influence the development of a European arena of communication.